wedding ideas


The hardest part of getting married is not picking your dress, the venue or even the groom, it’s dressing four (or 10) of your closet female companions….aka THE BRIDESMAIDS.

Most bridesmaids are dressed exactly the same. My previous reasoning for this was because of jealous Brides who finally had their moment in the spotlight and did not want to be upstaged. However since becoming that Bride, I have changed my opinion. I think it’s because it’s just easier!

I have four gorgeous women who will be my bridesmaids. They all have a unique style which I admire and I want them to shine on the day. I really don’t want four carbon copy, stepford-wives/robot women, with overdone make-up and prom-like up-dos. It’s not because I am a people pleaser (which I am guilty of). It’s just that I know I would hate to wear the same dress as anyone else and I honestly don’t believe four different women can all look good in the same dress.

So what’s the answer? Mismatched dresses!

It is a lot easier than it sounds. If done correctly it can look fantastic. If not, they could end up looking like wedding guests.

There are two rules:

Pick a dress length (long, short, midi)
Pick a colour palette
I think the second rule is the hardest and the one I find the most difficult to explain.

You don’t need to pick one colour. Picking one particular colour is a nightmare, as all colours are different when it comes to different fabrics and different labels. You need to pick a range of colours that work well together.

It is important that you do all different shades or two and two of the same shade (in my case four bridesmaids).

I promised myself I wouldn’t be one of those Bridezilla brides, who are overbearing and demanding. I actually want my Bridesmaids to look and feel good.

They say you can’t please everyone….well I am sure as hell going to try and please four people!

Wish me luck!