Spring 2015

Spring Couture 2015: Chanel

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Karl Lagerfeld’s Spring 2015 Haute Couture collection for Chanel was an explosion of blossoming flowers, bunched in wedding-worth bouquets at the shoulders and delicately gracing hems of mid-length evening wear.

It took six months to make the 300 flowers that decorated the Chanel set today. Each of them had its own engine, and when at the show’s start Baptiste Giabiconi applied a theatrical splash from a CC-branded watering can and they simultaneously burst into mechanical bloom.

Possibly a commentary on a technological and synthetic future that awaits us, each flower was flawless and meticulously sown by hand on to each garment. Karl’s ability to set trends and yet retain the classic aesthetic of Gabrielle Chanel grows with each collection, as we are swept into Karl’s world. There is always a story to be told and an underlying comment to be made when considering the world of today.

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NYFW: Thom Browne Spring 2015


All Images From Style.com

Thom Browne’s Spring 2015 collection was a first class winner and had me dreaming of a day at the races. Show-stopping pastels, first class prints and awarding winning silouhettes had me inspired for a day at the Melbourne Cup or Galway Races. A beautiful mix of Lady Gaga’s eccentricity and Grace Kelly elegance, this collection was definitely a front-runner for Best in Show.

New York Fashion Week: Alexander Wang Spring 2015

WAN_0029 WAN_0144 WAN_0236 WAN_0255 WAN_0263 WAN_0285 WAN_0296 WAN_0370 WAN_0380 WAN_0416 WAN_0477 WAN_0557


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The Spring 2015 Alexander Wang show was a return to the Sporty Sexy, downtown look that his “it” girl posse love so much. Some pieces actually resembled trainers, in flyknit fabrics, while one white tennis dress in, what seemed to be, perforated leather  was laced up at the neck.

High-waisted trousers paired with sexy crop tops, a look pioneered by Wang, and close to the body dresses were a world away from the, almost, asexual creature presented at the FW14 show.

New York Fashion Week: Altuzarra Spring 2015

 KIM_0101 KIM_0116 KIM_0186 KIM_0203 KIM_0232KIM_0385All Images from Style.com

Spring 2015 at Altuzarra seemed to be an ode to all things Americana. Light and floaty dresses in pastel gingham prints were a fashionable mix between Lolita and Little House on the Prairie. There were sexy carmel hued, suede shirts, stolen straight from a cowboy’s closet, buttoned down to the waist and paired with a slit to the thigh stripey skirt. One of my favourite pieces was the cut-out leather skirt, with some fifties black granny pants, maintaining what was left of the model’s modesty.

What could have been an overly kitsch look at a tired Summer trend,  was given new life when injected with the quintessential Joseph Altuzarra sexiness, making it a fun yet modern collection.

New York Fashion Week: Jason Wu Spring 2015


KIM_4662KIM_4686 KIM_4710 KIM_4730 KIM_4774 KIM_4874 KIM_4922


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It is New York Fashion Week again and if you are finding it hard to let go of the light layers of Summer and are reluctant to embrace the heavy knits of Winter, indulge yourself in the next few weeks of Spring 2015 shows. I will be posting all my favourite looks from the shows here.

First up is celebrity favourite Jason Wu who had me googly-eyed over some forrest green suede dresses and simple, clean-cut whites. The over all look was modern, city girl chic, effortless and easy to wear.