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Welcome to Paradise: Fitzroy Island








Here are a few holiday snaps of my weekend away in Fitzroy Island with Lorenzo, a couple of weeks ago. Since we are in Queensland we have the benefit of having the Great Barrier Reef right on our doorstep, with Fitzroy Island only a 40 minute ferry ride from Cairns. Although we didn’t have time to make it out to the reef, the island itself had some fantastic snorkelling spots.

We stayed at the resort’s only, yet beautiful, hotel.

Should you be heading to Fitzroy, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email for any tips or advice.

Travel Diary: A Day At The Rodeo

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I have always wanted to visit a Rodeo and see some real live Cowboys, so when we heard that there was going to be a Rodeo at the near by Mareeba, Lorenzo and I jumped at the chance to go. So we grabbed a hot dog and went to watch some brave Cowboys ride some bulls! Most of the locals were dressed the part in Cowboy boots, Cowboy hats and gingham shirts, which added to the atmosphere.

Travel Diary: Hong Kong

After a long absence, I am back with my Travel Diary from our stop over in Hong Kong. It was my first time in Asia and with only 2 nights, there was a lot to do and see, in a short space of time.

I loved the modern and traditional mix of the city, along with the food and the rooftop bars, which are perfect for a cool cocktail and a bit of a breezy in the heavy heat. It is definitely a must see city!

Travel Diary: Venice part 2

Lorenzo and I at Cafe Florian

Teatro La Fenice

Part two of the Venice Travel Diary includes my three must dos in Venice.

First up is breakfast at Cafe Florian, which is Italy’s oldest cafe, having opened in 1720. The ornate interiors in gold with lush red velvet seating trasnport you back to a bygone era. They do beautiful pastries and specials teas, all with silver service. Dig deep because the prices are high, but I reckon it is worth it for a once in a life-time experience. Next time I would try their afternoon tea.

My next favourite thing was Il Teatro La Fenice. Although we didn’t see an opera or ballet, we could still visit this famous theatre. Keeping in theme with Cafe Florian, the interiors were spectacular. Gold detailed ceilings with crystal chandeliers and hand painted motifs. I can only imagine the atmosphere when there is a show on!

Finally the gondola ride. Ok, so I admit at first I thought it was a bit cheesy and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it, but again I figured when in Venice…. A gondola trip is pricey, especially when you are only in two, however we manged to bargain a little. It costs more at night-time aswell. I would suggest to walk a little outside the centre and then get a gondola as we did. This allowed us to see quaint little Venetian houses as we quietly drifted down the canals. There will be no tourists around staring at you (and quite possibly taking a picture of you) while you enjoy your romantic ride.

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