Sunday Brunch in Villa Borghese




Here are some pictures from last weekend, when Spring seemed to be in the air. This weekend has been a different story, with rain, wind and the glorious sunshine from last week, no where to be seen.
Taking advantage of the good weather, Lorenzo and I went for brunch in Villa Borghese. We took a walk around first and I couldn’t resist taking a “few” photos. The gardens are beautiful with a fountain on every corner. The main one was closed as they are cleaning it, but I definitely want to go back for another proper look.
Green spaces are so important in a city like Rome. I honestly felt like I had been transported to another world. It is a great place to get away from the noise and traffic and just breathe some fresh air.

It is a definite must see, should you visit Rome.

That’s all for now,
Love Dani xx

Giardino degli Aranci, Rome

Here is an outfit post, with some photos I took earlier in the year. The days were much colder, so I am all wrapped up in my Zara parka and Deer printed sweater from Topshop. I am also sporting my Massimo Dutti burgandy boots. I found these, while looking for a winter coat, back in October. Of course I always find everything else, other than what I was originally shopping for. I loved these boots as they reminded me of a Mod style, plus I loved the colour.

I have also included some photos of the Giardino degli Aranci (Orange Gardens) on Aventine Hill, in Rome. One of the main features of this area is being able to look through the famous keyhole, where you can see the dome of St Paul’s Basilica. My camera couldn’t get a great picture through the keyhole, but it is a must visit for a trip to Rome.

That’s all for now,
I hope to post again soon,
Love Dani xx

A Sunny September Afternoon

Here in Rome the summer seems to be clinging on, with only a light chill of a winter breeze blowing in the evening. I am taking advantage of the warmer weather by wearing one of my favourite CUE dresses from Australia. I love this dress as it is so light and yet still has the structure that I love. The colour is a blue/purple and I have paired it with my pony hair leopard belt, to add a bit of fun. My flats are a Primark buy, from when I was last in Ireland. A bargain and on trend with the pointed toes. I am definitly overwearing them though, as the small stones of Rome’s streets don’t take well to a heels ! I want to invest in a similar pair, any suggestions?

That’s all for now,
Love Dani xx

Autumn Chill

Hello I hope everyone enjoyed the long Easter weekend. I know I did. It’s great to have sometime off  to browse other blogs and work on my own. It seems I am so busy with my new job that I don’t have the energy to go online when I come home. But I will try to improve as I love blogging !
Its addictive !!

Here is a quick outfit post from a couple of weeks ago. It was an easy friday night having drinks at Lorenzo’s cousin’s house. It was a little chilly here. The nights are getting longer and cooler, so it seems winter is on its way. That being said yesterday was in the high 20s.

However as sad as I am for summer to go, I am always excited for a new season which means a wardrobe shake up.  The cooler nights are giving me the chance to wear my cropped jacket from CUE, which I bought months ago. I also paired it with my costume jewellery necklace, also from CUE, in my country colours. I fell in love with this necklace and lusted after it for weeks. I even grabbed the earrings as well, after all it would be cruel to separate a set, don’t you think?
My clutch is from a vintage store in Rome that I love, in Trastevere. It always had the best branded vintage pieces. This isn’t any particular brand but I was won over by its glossy crocodile skin effect and gold dragon clasp.
You can hype the look on lookbook by clicking here
How was everyone’s elses Easter??
I love to hear your comments,
Love Dani xx

No Maps, No Backpacks, It’s all about the shoes !

I love to travel and next to fashion I’d say it’s probably one of my favourite things to do. It allows me to discover new places while picking up unique,local treasures to bring back home and flaunt, to the envy of my H&M clad friends, (that’s right, shopping is never far from my agenda). But I have always found the best finds when guided by the knowledge of a local.

I have just finished reading The Holiday Goddess Handbag guide to Paris, London, New York and Rome. (One of the reasons I picked it up was a shock that someone has choosen Rome instead of Milan, finally someone understands me! ) Edited by Jessica Adams and Illustrated by Anna Johnson, The Holiday Goddess guide was ‘born in a handbag’ and is a compiliation of scribbled notes by Jessica herself, along with the incredibly fashionable people she met on her travels.

The book is written in a funny and light hearted tone, offering insider secrets from chiconomical (I LOVE this word!) boutique hotels to vintage markets. Forget the airport gift shop, this book has all the tips on the best buys to bring home.

Along with that each city has elected a fashion Icon, with whom to look at the city. In Paris its Coco Chanel, London is Vivienne Westwood, New York is Jackie ‘O and Rome is Audrey Hepburn.

My feet definitely began to get itchy reading about the boulangeries and sugary macaroons of Paris, afternoon tea in London, gourmet street cuisine in New York and the heart stirring coffee in Rome.
Along with foodie advice, the book also suggests you look out for some of the cult fashion brands you may or may not have heard of. This is a great way to find a new designer you love and an original fashion piece to add to your collection.

Some of the must haves in Paris include vintage Christian Dior turbans, macaroons from Ladurèe, half empty designer perfume bottles, the typical knotted silk scarf and the ever so chic french boater.
While in London the must haves were Marks and Spencer undies ( click here for an extract from the book on this topic), a guide on the London underground and how to do afternoon tea.
In New York it’s all about the sample sale, the Village Voice, Tiffanys, Victoria Secret and N.Y.C.’s BOND perfume.
 In Rome down your espresso (like a local at the bar), enjoy before dinner drinks at aperitivo, browse the vintage shops for vintage Valentino (preferably white, circa 1968), Fendi baguettes, Salvatore Ferragamo scarves and Elsa Schiaparelli perfume boxes.
A great read for those who travel in the mind and those who can travel in reality. Get a copy for yourself and/ or a friend, at least then you can avoid any future dodgy airport souvenirs
Let me know your thoughts
Love as always,
Dani xx
Click here for the website with more information on travel and the book

Arrivederci Roma

 Well after a long absence I am making a quick post and an even quicker update on whats been going on! I moved to Perth two weeks ago (yes, Perth AUSTRALIA) and I have been so busy between packing before getting here and now trying to find a job and new digs.
Here are some photos in the meantime until I get more settled and get back to regular posting. These were taken on my last day in Rome. It was so hot, in the high 30s, so I was still running round in my short shorts. I recently picked up this new nail colour from Kiko, its a blue/purple colour and I was so excited to discover it matched my shorts exactly. There must of been some sub-concious fashion voices telling me I needed it !
The t-shirt was given to me by my super cool rock and roll aunt when I was in L.A. last year. She always has the best t-shirts and this one is no exception. It says ‘This guitar has seconds to live” and I love its distressed, vintage look!
Once again my leopard bag and shoes are making an appearance. The shoes are H&M and the satchel is Primark. Love leopard print obviously but I must admit this seasons trend for snake print may have me changing my mind…..
Thats all for now but stay tuned for a Perth update soon 🙂
Ciao for now xx

The Tourist

Max Mara Spring 2011

Max Mara Spring 2011

Max Mara Spring 2011

I love to travel. I love to visit new countries and be a tourist. But sometimes I don’t take advantage of being a tourist in my own country. However, today on a trip to Dublin I did more than just raid the shops on Grafton street. Taking a more cultural approach I visited the home of one of Ireland’s best exports. No not U2 ! The Guinness storehouse factory.

I was pleasantly surprised by the architecture of the building, with the centre resembling a Guinness glass. It was really modern and the layout of the buliding showed all the old machines for brewing the Guinness. The best part was the top level of the building, which had a bar with a full view of Dublin.

Today was scarily cold, even for Ireland, however, I was a bit more fashion than function in my wardrobe choice. I wore my new pink blazer from primark, which I love love. It reminds me of the bright colours used by Max Mara in their Spring summer collection. I paired it with my sisters Denim shirt, her grey jeans, my pink ballet flats and trusty leopard bag.

I am currently borrowing all of my sisters clothes (not that I didn’t before, its just now I have a good excuse) because I have left all my clothes in Rome as I will be going back there in August. I have to admit its fun having new clothes to work with !

I really enjoyed today and it’s reminded me of how beautiful Ireland is. I have a travelling bug so I think I am destined to roam this earth forever, however Ireland will always have a special place in my heart.