Monday Must Haves: Acne Studio Metallic Culottes

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These metallic culottes from Acne Studios, known as the “Hunter” shorts, are made of calf leather and embossed with a crocodile effect print. These voluminous trousers are a big trend for FW14, being both comfortable and pratical. I love Acne’s version, taking you effortlessly from day to night with it’s glamorous and glossy metallic effect. These elegant culottes are an interesting alternative to a dress for your festive calendar of parties. Paired with a basic white tee or a cropped top, the look is edgy, yet timeless.

You can get your greedy little fashion hands on them here.

Outfit Post: Zara Pink Biker Jacket and Metallic Cropped Top










huntinginheels9PINK BIKER JACKET | ZARA




You know you have a problem (or not) when your whole outfit is by ZARA. I had to stock up before I left Rome and made the big move to Australia, since they don’t have ZARA here in Cairns and they don’t do online shopping yet. I had to grab this pink biker jacker and metallic cropped top as my farewell purchases. The trousers are from Summer 2013 as are the shoes, but still ZARA. You may remember the jacket from one of my previous posts.

I may have to take a trip to one of the bigger cities just to get my fix. However I am working part-time for the Australian Fashion Brand CUE, which has some amazing pieces to keep my cravings at bay. I will post a look in the future with one of their dresses that I just purchased. It was love at first sight!

Who’s That girl?! Alexa Chung

Who's That Girl

 Who’s That Girl?! This is how I feel sometimes when I see an impossibly cool, chic girl on the street, who looks so put together, yet also like she threw on the first thing she found when she woke up.
The look usually is made up of great basics, but with quirky accessories and a pinch of confidence. She is a girl who owns her individual look. She loves trends and keeping up with fashion, but she also knows what suits her and has fun with it.
The inspiration behind this look from ModCloth, that I created on Polyvore, is Alexa Chung.
I love that Alexa pairs flats with dresses and uses a leather jacket to give a harder edge to an otherwise more feminine look. These metallic loafers are to die for and are so on trend this season. They add that quirky edge that I mentioned before, as do the layering of bracelets, the vintage style handbag and finishing off the look with some cat eye sunglasses.

Here are my top 5 style tips on how to achieve this look:

  1. Leave your heels at home. This look is great for all night dancing and your friends will be green with envy as they hobble home!
  2. Layer your jewellery, mixing different trinket pieces. Pick jewellery that has a meaning for you, it could be piece you picked but on a trip you did. This shows your individuality as a trendsetter rather than a trend follower.
  3. When wearing something super feminine, like this fifties, full skirted dress add something hard and edgy to toughen up the look, like a biker jacket. This is great for helping you dress down the look for a night out with friends or even a first date.
  4.  Add feminine accessories like this vintage style bag and some cat eye sunglasses to finish off the look. These unique pieces will get you those second looks.
  5. For make-up and hair keep it simple. Hair should be either loosely pinned back or down and unstyled. Make up should be natural but try Alexa’s signature cat eye eyeliner for some glamour.

Let me know what you think of this look and Alexa’s style.
Love Dani xx

My Max&Co wishlist for Spring/Summer 2014

Those shoes!!!







 Hi all!
So remember those silver Oxfords that I was banging on about last week and that inspired this post, well they finally put them online, along with the new Max&Co lookbook for Spring/Summer 2014.
I love the young preppy, yet edgy vibe of this brand. The quality is top class and the price tag is worth what you get. There is always lots of print and colour, with slightly masculine buttoned all the way up shirts, tailored pants in bold colours and feminine skirts.
This season they have included all the key trends, from metallics to pastels and their campaign is just a teaser for all the hypnotic prints we have yet to see!
I have picked some of my favourite images from the campaign. In image 1, I am lusting after that striped coat in pale pink and silver (well that’s what it seems to be) and in image 3 I am hyperventilating at all that mesmerising print, especially the short sleeve jacket. The single items I have posted are all currently available and you can click the link below each image to go directly to the website.

What is your favourite piece?

Love Dani xx

Hardcore Metal: My top 5 metallic shoes









Hi all !
So I am back with January’s intentions clearly ignored, as all New Year’s resolutions should be !
Last Saturday a quick browse in MAX&CO had my heart fluttering at the sight of the most exqusite pair of metallic brogues. Unfortunately they are not on the website yet, leaving me to wonder if I possibly hallucinated these beauties?!

Metallic is a huge trend for Spring/Summer 2014, but I also think it is a great in between season trend. So when you just can’t bear another grey day, with a wardrobe that seems to echo the dreariness of it all, a pop of metallic can brighten any outfit up. By choosing a metallic accessory, rather than clothing, you can avoid looking like a disco ball during the day, or worse, someone doing the walk of shame after a hectic night at a 70’s themed party.

Here I have picked some of my favourite metallic shoes, all reasonably priced, from fashion favourites Topshop and Asos. There is a sneaky pair in from Stella McCartney, just because ! One can dream !

I think I will be going for a loafer or brogue style for this trend. Fingers crossed it could be my dreamy MAX&CO pair. I like the idea of a structured, masculine style, but with the quirky metallic colour.

What are your thoughts on metallic accessories for this upcoming season?

That’s all for now,
Love Dani xx

The Karl Collection

Collection Releas Paris

IPad 2 users London (photo courtesy of Grazia Magazine)

Karl Lagerfeld. This name is well known to even those not into the fashion scene. His public persona is almost as famous as his designer profile. He is an artist, photographer, fashion designer and even after 8 decades, couture collections, two RTW lines and a publishing house his creative well of a mind has still not ceased to dry up!
He has been designing for Chanel longer than Coco herself did and has also set trends at Charles Jourdan, Valentino, Fendi and Chloe.
His latest collection, a lower priced range of clothing based on his own style staple of black and white basics, is in collaboration with the website NET-A-PORTER and has been filling my inbox with countless emails on the countdown. However the day has finally arrived and the collection was released on the 25th of this month with huge openings in Paris (Karl himself was present) New York, London, Berlin and Sydney.
Lagerfeld has always been in the know, keeping up with the fast paced technology obsessed youth of today. Pop-up windows in such key locations allowed Karl lovers to link up there iPad 2s and IPhones with the NET-A-PORTER KARL app by scanning products appearing on screen.
Finally there is the opportunity to own a bit of Karl in your life ( at bargain prices too!)
The collection is based on Karl’s own signature style of black and white basics, with some metallic pieces and a Rock and Roll edge.
 You can now get your hands on some tres chic biker gloves, (very Lagerfeld) or perhaps a leather collar is the way to go to pay tribute  to such a genius. I have had my eye on the faux leather pleated skirt and t-shirts with personally drawn designs by Karl. However many things have sold out with the smaller sizes in t-shirts being non-exsistent 😦 However I hope they get more in so I can grab one !
Thats all for now,
Let me know your thoughts,
Check out the collection for yourself here