Shoesday Tuesday: Sigerson Mod Booties

smnina-remle-pa266-angled-outside-fsm-websmnina-remle-pa266-back-fsm-websmnina-remle-pa266-side-fsm-websmnina-remle-pa266-top-fsm-webBUY THEM HERE

If you follow me on Instagram (@huntinginheels) you will have already seen these pointed toe wonders on my feed. I regrammed them from one of my favourite fashion sites; We Wore What. This is what I would categorize as the perfect boot. Crafted from supple leather, with a sensible heel and some western attitude. I like my boots a little bit mod and ankle grazing. So they either have to be a little bit cowboy or a little bit sixties, but if they are a subtle mix of the two I am in booty heaven, à la this pair from Sigerson, called the NINA. They also come in black and a charcol grey, but I have my eye on this racy red pair!

Monday Must Haves: The Sleeveless Coat



The sleeveless coat has been around for a couple of seasons but this Winter it is a little more luxurious with opulent finishes. This forrest green coat is by Nineminutes and is available on FARFETCH. A sumputous wool blend, it has a plush black, faux fur border sending the glamometer into overdrive.

This piece can be layered over a leather jacket when the temperatures plummet into the negative numbers or it can be paired with a light knit for the unpredicable weather of Spring.

Friday Favourites: Gucci Fall/Winter 2014

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If someone asked me to pick one collection from this season and they told me that I could only wear those pieces I would have previously considered this a hard decision. Not because I wouldn’t love to have a complete designer wardrobe, but because rarely does a collection have me wanting every item. I usually pick and choose my wish list based on my own personal style and what I would really wear. Sure I can acknowledge and appreciate a good trend when I see one, but would I actually wear it?

However there is one collection from this season that has changed all that, Gucci Fall/Winter 2014.

This collection is one of my all time favourites. It has every element that I try to add to my own personal style. I am currently into pastels, (so this too may be a passing trend) but my love of the 1960’s style has always been paramount. So of course Gucci’s a-line shift dresses with peter pan collars immediately appealed to me and my small frame. The dresses crafted from soft leathers had me swooning, along with those Chelsea knee-boots in snake skins and pony-haired leopard topped off with the iconic Gucci horsebit detail . The big shaggy jackets had me feeling chilly in the feverish temperatures of tropical Queensland, especially when paired with those ankle grazing cigarette trousers.

Frida Giannini (one of my favourite Romans) has really out done herself with this collection. She has artfully taken the essence of Gucci, which is glamour and sexiness, and has managed to inject that into a 1960’s silhouette, which is usually associated with a boyish aesthetic. There was a simplicity about this collection, which is not the norm for Gucci. Less is more, seemed to be the motto, however the Gucci woman was not lost and was as enigmatic as always, just without the sequins this time!

This Season’s Most Expensive Pieces


Mary Katrantzou FW14 Mink Sweater £20,000


CHANEL SS14 Backpack $3,400 USD


Marc Jacobs FW14 Dress $18,000 USD


Burberry FW14 Hand-painted Trench Coat $10,000 USD


Delpozo FW14 Cape $6,375 USD

DEI 220x285 CW-W1 INTL_A

Louis Vuitton Capucine Bag $4,600 USD


CHANEL Plexiglass Jewellery Egg Box Embellished With A Diamantè CC Signature. FW14  $18,330 AUS


Mary Katrantzou Chainmail Dress FW14 $45,600 USD


CHANEL FW14 Trainers $1,600 AUS

Only an elite few can afford the above fashion items, however these are not the one of a kind, produced for runway only, couture items. These have been made for the ready-to-wear, everyday woman (all be it a rich one) to pair with her other “investment” pieces, the cheaper stuff (coming in at the 4 figure mark, spare change really!).

Mary Katrantzou’s FW14 sweater is made from glossy Saga Mink which is embroidered in gold bullion with the embroiderers being Hand & Lock, who also serve the royals. It retails at about £20,000, however getting down to the nitty-gritty of it, why was it necessary to create a sweatshirt that is so expensive?!

It is true that the cost of luxury goods has risen 60 percent in the last decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The industry points to the rising cost of raw materials like cotton and leather and increasing labor costs, but that’s only half the story.

Katrantzou says ” It was about taking an everyday garment and making it really stand out for its decorative nature and luxury value”.* I, however, think there has to be more to it than that. Perhaps it is a reaction to the high street stores who are knocking off designer pieces and are selling them to the masses. In order to keep the exclusivity of the pieces perhaps it is necessary to add those luxury touches that can’t be knocked off, such as the use of mink and gold thread.

Last year, at Louis Vuitton, there was the fear that, due to its under-performance, that the Louis Vuitton customer was losing their appetite for their luxury goods due to them being considered too “mass”. For this reason they introduced the Capucine bag, retailing at $4,600 USD and even with the long waiting list, they quickly sold-out all over Europe.

It is important to not just concentrate on the price tags, but also to consider the time and effort that goes into crafting each of these pieces. For example Delpozo employs a full-time embroiderer from the celebrated Maison Lesage in Paris, and pieces in the collection require an extreme amount of handwork. Pieces may be expensive, but you get what you pay for.
The craftsmanship of these pieces is undeniable, but unfortunately for me and millions of others the price is still comparable to the price of a small car or even a down-payment on an apartment. I would not consider these “investment” pieces as I couldn’t save for one of these pieces in a life-time, never mind a season. I hate to say it but I think I will be making my way to the nearest ZARA & Co for the best offering of an imitation.

*Quote from British Vogue September 2014

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