This Season’s Most Expensive Pieces


Mary Katrantzou FW14 Mink Sweater £20,000


CHANEL SS14 Backpack $3,400 USD


Marc Jacobs FW14 Dress $18,000 USD


Burberry FW14 Hand-painted Trench Coat $10,000 USD


Delpozo FW14 Cape $6,375 USD

DEI 220x285 CW-W1 INTL_A

Louis Vuitton Capucine Bag $4,600 USD


CHANEL Plexiglass Jewellery Egg Box Embellished With A Diamantè CC Signature. FW14  $18,330 AUS


Mary Katrantzou Chainmail Dress FW14 $45,600 USD


CHANEL FW14 Trainers $1,600 AUS

Only an elite few can afford the above fashion items, however these are not the one of a kind, produced for runway only, couture items. These have been made for the ready-to-wear, everyday woman (all be it a rich one) to pair with her other “investment” pieces, the cheaper stuff (coming in at the 4 figure mark, spare change really!).

Mary Katrantzou’s FW14 sweater is made from glossy Saga Mink which is embroidered in gold bullion with the embroiderers being Hand & Lock, who also serve the royals. It retails at about £20,000, however getting down to the nitty-gritty of it, why was it necessary to create a sweatshirt that is so expensive?!

It is true that the cost of luxury goods has risen 60 percent in the last decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The industry points to the rising cost of raw materials like cotton and leather and increasing labor costs, but that’s only half the story.

Katrantzou says ” It was about taking an everyday garment and making it really stand out for its decorative nature and luxury value”.* I, however, think there has to be more to it than that. Perhaps it is a reaction to the high street stores who are knocking off designer pieces and are selling them to the masses. In order to keep the exclusivity of the pieces perhaps it is necessary to add those luxury touches that can’t be knocked off, such as the use of mink and gold thread.

Last year, at Louis Vuitton, there was the fear that, due to its under-performance, that the Louis Vuitton customer was losing their appetite for their luxury goods due to them being considered too “mass”. For this reason they introduced the Capucine bag, retailing at $4,600 USD and even with the long waiting list, they quickly sold-out all over Europe.

It is important to not just concentrate on the price tags, but also to consider the time and effort that goes into crafting each of these pieces. For example Delpozo employs a full-time embroiderer from the celebrated Maison Lesage in Paris, and pieces in the collection require an extreme amount of handwork. Pieces may be expensive, but you get what you pay for.
The craftsmanship of these pieces is undeniable, but unfortunately for me and millions of others the price is still comparable to the price of a small car or even a down-payment on an apartment. I would not consider these “investment” pieces as I couldn’t save for one of these pieces in a life-time, never mind a season. I hate to say it but I think I will be making my way to the nearest ZARA & Co for the best offering of an imitation.

*Quote from British Vogue September 2014

Judging a book by its Fashionable Cover !

My favourite; Lolita

Above clutches are all taken from Net-A-Porter website

Asos Clutch

It’s time, my fellow bloggers, that I own up to something. A past I have kept hidden. I may appear to be all leopard heels and designer names but there is somehting I must tell you. I am a closeted geek !

I spent most of my childhood with my head in a book, reading about children battling the great plague, the second world war or tuberculosis (I had a fetish for history). Most popular cartoons of the 1990’s? Couldn’t tell you !

The truth is fashion and geekdom have met, shared some moments and then went their seperate ways, several times throughout the years. Fashion created the trend Geek Chic (afterall you couldn’t just leave it at geek, it had to be improved). We did have Marc Jacobs on our side for a while, but even he hung up his glasses in favour of a gym membership, trading wallflower cool for obvious sexy.
Fashion and intellectualism are just two different worlds right?? However one new must have accessory is challenging that idea.

Olympia-Le-Tan, is a french designer that has me considering the idea of selling my kidney for one of her book clutch bags. Having worked with Chanel and Balmain, she is a favourite new fashion discovery.
Le-Tan has taken the book covers of some of the worlds most famous books and has embroidered them in canvas. The smart clutches are finished with sleek gold frames and Liberty fabric linings. Each design is limited to 16 pieces (16 as that is Le-Tan’s birthday, 16th of October) with the “first edition” being handmade by Le-Tan herself.

Le-Tan recently participated in an installation at Florence’s Museo Bellini entitled Sei borsette in cerca d’autore (six books insearch of an author).The installation was inspired by Italian books and films with the room decorated with images of recreated scenes from iconic Italian movies, taken by American photographer Max Farago. Click here for an interview with Le-Tan by Italian fashion journalist Anna Battista.

Unfortunately these clutches are a little too pricey for my pocket, however I did find an attempt at a high street version. Good old ASOS.
For more check out Olympia’s website here

Thats all for now,
Let me know your thoughts,
Dani xx

The following photos are from Anna Battista’s website

Fellini’s La Strada

Tilda Swindon

I Promessi Sposi

Under the Sea with Karl

Time seems to be flying by with my new job so I am slowly catching up with all the Spring/Summer 2012 shows, thank you youtube ! Of course one of the first on my list was Karl Lagefeld for Chanel.

My current location being Australia  means I have not been so keen to venture into its sparkling ocean, the home of too many hungry sharks. However Lagerfeld’s dreamy under the sea inspired show made me wish I could replace the great whites with his incandscent sea princesses.

Futuristic mermaids floated down the runway in hues of mint, blushing pink and etheral whites. The look was feminine with flowing fabrics in translucent materials with pearl details.Trends included the 1930’s drop waist, cropped jackets and full skirts.
Favourites include, the pearl belts, the delicate pearl piercings, the silver chelsea boots, the shell shaped clutch, a completely usless fashion purchase (my favourite kind of purchase) and Karl’s bestie and muse Florence Welch (of Florence and the Machine) singing “What the water gave me” from an open shell, dressed as Queen of the mermaids.
Always a Chanel fan, I loved how Mr Lagerfeld, once again, put on a spectacular show. An ode to the beauty that nature forms (but that Karl perfects!).

Welcome to Paradise: Stylecrush Vanessa Paradis

Johnny Depp’s significant other, Karl Lagerfeld’s muse , dangerously high cheek bones and effortless french chic style, I should hate her but I can’t !
There is something about Vanessa Paradis that I just can’t get enough of. Delicious Depp describes how he first fell for the actress, model and singer.

‘I was doing a film with Roman Polanksi, The Ninth Gate, and across the room I saw this woman’s back, I saw this neck attached to the back, and I was sort of fascinated by it. Honestly, it was a very beautiful sculptural thing, then suddenly the back and the neck turned, and it had a face.’ And what a face she has !

Paradis became a singing sensation at age 14 with the release of her single Joe le Taxi. Since then she manages a career as an actress, model and singer along with her two kids and Depp. 
She still has this childlike beauty and she looks a lot less than her 37 years. Her quirky gap between her two front teeth has not only stole Depp’s heart as she was also Lenny Kravitz girlfriend before meeting Depp in 1998.

The face of Chanel’s Rouge Coco lipstick, Paradis’s style is a mixture of french chic with vintage accents. Effortless Bohemian. She always seems to get it right, then again who wouldn’t with uncle Karl on speed dial to lend a hand !

Here is a link to an article where Paradis is interviewed on her style:
Enjoy xx