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Everybody is talking about: Alexander Wang for H&M

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Everybody is talking about Alexander Wang’s collection for H&M, set for release around the world on the 6th of November.

Quintessentially Wang, it is a collection of heavily sports/street influenced clothing, comprising of his signature body-hugging dresses , foam cropped sweaters, bandaged bras, parkas and even a pair of black leather boxing gloves. But don’t get it twisted, this collection is not made for the gym. Alexander Wang admitted, “I don’t do sports, I only wear sports clothing.” He went on to explain, “The collection should be titled ‘Sports At Night,'” said Wang. “I thought of this idea of when you’re out dancing, or when you’re out running around at night, you sweat as well. You don’t only sweat in the gym, or when you’re playing sports…I love the idea that these garments could perform in other environments.”
Seemingly transfixed with idea of sweat, some of the Italian-made knit tee dresses have designs that actually become more visible when you sweat!

What I love the most about this collaboration (and dare I say it is my favourite designer collaboration with H&M) is it’s faithfulness to the brand. It has all the markings of a high-end Wang collection, but without the hefty price tag. There doesn’t seem to have been any sacrifices made when it came to the design or production.

This collection sure to put Wang on the map for all those high-street consumers, who may not be familiar with the “It” girl’s favourite designer. The Wang look has always been accessible and now it is even more attainable with this mega partnership. Sure to sell-out in minutes (seconds even), there is no doubt that it will get you working up a sweat!

New York Fashion Week: Alexander Wang Spring 2015

WAN_0029 WAN_0144 WAN_0236 WAN_0255 WAN_0263 WAN_0285 WAN_0296 WAN_0370 WAN_0380 WAN_0416 WAN_0477 WAN_0557


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The Spring 2015 Alexander Wang show was a return to the Sporty Sexy, downtown look that his “it” girl posse love so much. Some pieces actually resembled trainers, in flyknit fabrics, while one white tennis dress in, what seemed to be, perforated leather  was laced up at the neck.

High-waisted trousers paired with sexy crop tops, a look pioneered by Wang, and close to the body dresses were a world away from the, almost, asexual creature presented at the FW14 show.

Links a la Mode: Alexander Wang: A Man Who Understands Women

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Love, Life & The Latest Thing

This week NYFW hit the runways strutting everything we’ll be coveting over the next six months, but it’s also a time to think about love as Valentine’s Day closes out the week. Will you be celebrating? Some will, others will roll their eyes, but either way, it’s certainly fun to think about what we’ll be wearing.

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Alexander Wang: A man who understands women

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Alexander Wang was playing with fire last Saturday, when he dragged the glamorous, well heeled New York fashion industry out to Brooklyn, the space was a Duggal Greenhouse. It left a lot of fashion goers saying “this better be good!”
Wang’s Fall 2014 collection was definitely worth crossing the bridge for, that being said, had I got an invitation I would of swam the Atlantic, while being chased by hungry sharks, just to be there, never mind a measly bridge!

The model’s powered down the runway, with stern faces, clearly on a mission to get where they were going. Urban warriors are what they reminded me of, with Ken doll hair!
The clothes were sleek and the influence of modern sports wear was ever present, if not a little more luxe this time. Suede coats with uneven hems and oversized shearling coats that actually looked warm, seemed to predict the Polar Vortex that is currently thrashing the East coast. The possibility of actually being warm, while looking cool was just one of the elements of practicality that Wang tapped into.

Wang seems to understand the women of the 21st Century well and he let us know by giving us pockets. Yes that’s right, pockets and lots of them. You see a bag is not enough. Between iPhones, Blackberrys, iPads, cigarettes, lipstick, tampons, metro cards, sunglasses, umbrellas, ballerina flats…..there was a pocket for each one. The 21st Century girl, runs from her house to work, to yoga to drinks with friends, catches a movie and then crashes for her essential 8 hours, after cleansing, toning and moisturising of course, only to do it all again, the next day. There was an enviable energy infused in each piece.

In the end the Wang girl is a warrior of the urban concrete jungle. The styling is sleek yet bulky, but it is in the details that she finds her armour. Sharp pointed boots, rising above the knee. Heavily padded jackets and and a hidden neck. Base colours of pavement grey and muddy brown fought with pops of cobalt blue, neon pinks and yellows. And as if she were a secret superhero, the Wang girl came to life at the end of the show, her all black exterior, transformed by heat sensitive leather, which revealed laser cut designs in a spectrum of neon colours.
Alexander Wang gave us everything we wanted and never knew we needed and that is why, and I don’t say this lightly, he is the only man who understands the 21st Century Woman.

What are your thoughts?

Love Dani xx

Monday Inspiration: Superheroes

Romance Was Born

Romance Was Born

3.1 Phillip Lim

Elin Kling at Style by Kling

Pow Necklace from ASOS

3.1 Phillip Lim clutch

Romance was born

Alexander Wang cape heels from The Man Repeller

Lazy Oaf Batman Sweater

Romance Was Born
Markus Lupfer

Superhero Nails

Thierry le Gouès photographs Ali Stevens

It’s Monday and somehow I wish I had something more interesting to do tomorrow, like save the world!

Armoured up in Alexander Wang cape heels, a Markus Lupfer shouty sweater and a concealed superpower in my 3.1 Phillip Lim clutch !

That is all,
Love Dani xx

NY Fashion Week Looks

All Jason Wu


All Prabal Gurung


All Alexander Wang

Here are some of my favourite looks, so far, from the New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013.

Back soon with more looks as the shows progress !
What re your favourite looks?
Until Next Time,
Dani xx

Get Printed !

L-R Alexander Wang, RiverIsland,See by Chloe,Miu Miu,Motel, Versus, Rag & Bone,House of Holland

The printed pant ! A key look of Spring/Summer 2012. If, like me, you haven’t been brave enough to go for the floral, tropical prints, opt for a more subtle animal print in a darker colour. I loved these jeans when I first saw them. They just screamed Isabel Marant, but without the hefty price tag. I attempted French chic by keeping it simple and pairing it with my trusty white t-shirt and sturdy black boots. For night I love it with my sheer, button up, black shirt, with leather collar and cuffs.
The most wanted pair seems to be Rag & Bone’s wild blue print. See Australian blogger Jessica Stein from Tuula. Now you know they’re cool if she is wearing them !
How are you wearing your printed trousers? Have you been brave enough??
Thats all for now,
Love Dani xx