How to say goodbye to Jeans








huntinginheels9Location: Rome City Centre





I love jeans! I feel safe in saying that this is a statement that 90% of women, even men, can relate to. But jeans are boring….right? Ok, before you jump down my throat in defense of comfort and wear ability, hear me out! I am not saying we shouldn’t wear jeans or that they are not “fashion” worthy, it’s just that I am a little bored with them. They make everything look casual! This season I am in search of an alternative and I have found them, the leather trouser.

Whether in eco pelle or genuine leather, the leather or leather look trouser is a great alternative to the jean. Both designers and high street stores have many options, from leggings, trousers, culottes to shorts. I tend to say darker colours are best and look more high-end. Favourite colours include, black, navy, burgundy or dark green.

What I love about the leather trouser is that it’s just as versatile as the jean. Day or night, it’s easy to wear. I pair mine with an oversize knit, faux fur coat and ankle boots for day and at night a top with a bit of sparkle or even lace details and some high heels.

I do have one rule though, one piece of leather only! Don’t try and suit up by matching your leather jacket or leather top, at the risk of looking like Cat Woman….meow!

Check out some of my favourite pairs below.

Love Dani xx

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