Lounging Around

huntinginheels2huntinginheels5huntinginheels7huntinginheels4huntinginheels3huntinginheels1Location: Monteverde Vecchio, Rome

Total look| ZARA

There is nothing like that feeling of finding out that one of your favourite pieces of clothing can go beyond its initial purpose, in this case the evening pant, and transforms itself from an obvious after dark staple to an everyday comfortable classic.

When originally purchasing these silky green trousers, it was with a night time look in mind. However when paired with a white shirt and some embellished flats it became a polished look, perfect for lounging around on a Sunday.

I first fell in love with the wide leg trouser a few years ago, in the form of its chic cousin the culotte. Since then I have acquired more than a few pairs in varying colours and fabrics. Textured fabrics, such as silk and velvet add a real luxury feel. I love a printed or colourful pair, that when combined with some high heels, make you look 10 feet tall. I would consider them a statement piece and tend to keep the top simple.

If you feel like trying this trend, check out some of my favourite Palazzo Trousers  for Autumn below.

Love Dani xx


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