A new start – another one







There is always time to start over…right?

In the last year I have found myself less and less motivated to write on this blog. I have an archive of photos built up of potential outfit posts, but I never know what to write. One of my favourite things used to be to write. Writing was something I considered myself to be good at. But somehow along the way you start to be influenced by what everyone else is doing. I forgot about the importance of the writing and I think I started to compare myself too much to other bloggers. I started feeling disillusioned. I was thinking “who is reading this anyways?”

I think what it really comes down to is why are you doing it? Is it to be the next big thing? Everybody wants to be a blogger. A quick road to success (which I don’t think is quick at all, I admire all those women who spend long days and nights putting their soul into their blog). Ultimately I think it comes down to not losing your individuality. How can my blog be better than hers? It’s not by copying their style or photos, I think its by offering a piece of you. An honesty that people can relate to.

I am ready for a new start in many aspects of my life. This year I will be getting married and I also have some other projects in the pipeline. I remember a time when I was excited and adventurous. I feel that along the way the world starts to wear you down and you forget why your doing what your doing. Your goals change, which is normal, but now they are weighed down by other things that you thought you wanted, but maybe it’s what you thought you should want. And your future just seems to be a little blah. You remember all the dreams you had and the person you were or wanted to be. I think I would be a bit of a let down to my 18 year old self.

So it’s time….to turn it around.

No more fear.

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