Spring Couture 2015: Chanel

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Karl Lagerfeld’s Spring 2015 Haute Couture collection for Chanel was an explosion of blossoming flowers, bunched in wedding-worth bouquets at the shoulders and delicately gracing hems of mid-length evening wear.

It took six months to make the 300 flowers that decorated the Chanel set today. Each of them had its own engine, and when at the show’s start Baptiste Giabiconi applied a theatrical splash from a CC-branded watering can and they simultaneously burst into mechanical bloom.

Possibly a commentary on a technological and synthetic future that awaits us, each flower was flawless and meticulously sown by hand on to each garment. Karl’s ability to set trends and yet retain the classic aesthetic of Gabrielle Chanel grows with each collection, as we are swept into Karl’s world. There is always a story to be told and an underlying comment to be made when considering the world of today.

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