Let’s Get Practical with DKNY’s 3-IN-1 Trench




Leandra Medine from The Manrepeller

Leandra Medine from The Manrepeller

Leandra Medine from The Manrepeller

Practicality and fashion rarely go hand in hand. How many times have you found yourself explaining to a friend or partner on how much you need another Breton striped t-shirt? The reasoning begins with the listing of how it is different to the other 5 you own, then on how “practical” it is (key words include basic, classic, staple) and finally the long list of all the items that you already own, that it will happy mate with. Your partner/friend could probably care less on whether you buy it or not, never mind the contents of your own wardrobe. They know in the end you will buy it. But I guess our biggest critic is ourselves. There seems to be a need to justify each purchase we make (especially should it have a hefty price tag).
Finally a designer has given us a classic piece that does the reasoning for itself. There is no need for explanations with the DKNY 3-IN-1 Trench, that does exactly what it says on the tin. 1 trench coat, 3 completely different ways to wear it.
First brought to my attention by my favourite fashion blogger Leandra Medine from The Man Repeller, I initially couldn’t get my head around the versatility of this coat. Could it be true? Were these three jackets really one? It was true, however €700 worth of true.
Ok so maybe we need to do a little reasoning after all……

I want to know what you think of the 3-IN-1 Trench?
Love Dani xx

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