Outfit Post: Marc by Marc Jacobs blue handbag

Furry Jumper|ZARA
Jeans|Dr Denim

Hi all !
Here is a look from when I was back in Ireland over Christmas. I spent one night in Connemara with Lorenzo, my parents and some family friends. It was great to spend a night out there and get some real fresh air. The scenery was amazing, so I couldn’t resist to take advantage and do a blog post.
This is also the first view of my blue Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag, that I got over Christmas. I loved it when I saw it and managed to get it in the sale as well. I spent all my Christmas money on it, but it is finally nice to own a good handbag. The leather is divine, as are the gold details. What can I say? It’s love!
I have to say, as much as I am a fan of fast fashion, I do think saving up for a really great handbag is worth it. You can get something you truly love and that will last a lifetime. The sales are the perfect time to pick up some great quality handbags.

What are your thoughts on saving up for a handbag ?
Love Dani xx

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