Hardcore Metal: My top 5 metallic shoes









Hi all !
So I am back with January’s intentions clearly ignored, as all New Year’s resolutions should be !
Last Saturday a quick browse in MAX&CO had my heart fluttering at the sight of the most exqusite pair of metallic brogues. Unfortunately they are not on the website yet, leaving me to wonder if I possibly hallucinated these beauties?!

Metallic is a huge trend for Spring/Summer 2014, but I also think it is a great in between season trend. So when you just can’t bear another grey day, with a wardrobe that seems to echo the dreariness of it all, a pop of metallic can brighten any outfit up. By choosing a metallic accessory, rather than clothing, you can avoid looking like a disco ball during the day, or worse, someone doing the walk of shame after a hectic night at a 70’s themed party.

Here I have picked some of my favourite metallic shoes, all reasonably priced, from fashion favourites Topshop and Asos. There is a sneaky pair in from Stella McCartney, just because ! One can dream !

I think I will be going for a loafer or brogue style for this trend. Fingers crossed it could be my dreamy MAX&CO pair. I like the idea of a structured, masculine style, but with the quirky metallic colour.

What are your thoughts on metallic accessories for this upcoming season?

That’s all for now,
Love Dani xx

9 thoughts on “Hardcore Metal: My top 5 metallic shoes

  1. Trend-Mae says:

    Great post! In fact, metallic is a huge trend… I totally agree with, it can brighten an outfit. I think it enables to create or add new styles to a look! Thank you for your comment on my blog, I was happy when I read it because I actually love Sex and the City and wanted to buy this tutu to have one like Carrie πŸ˜‰

    I actually remember that I already know your blog and like thus I follow you on bloglovin!


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