Milan Fashion Week looks Spring/Summer 2014

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Hi all !
Sorry for the lack of posting over the weekend, but it was my birthday and I had my parents in Rome to help me celebrate.
Here are my favourite looks from the Milan shows. Although Prada was unusual and fascinating as always, Fendi was my favourite. I think I have pinned all their looks from on my Pinterest account. There was so much detail and the use of small pieces of fur formed into a pattern was fantastic. I loved the monsters on the bag, designed by Delfina Delettrez, daughter of Silvia Fendi and the the shoes in different coloured plastics.
Print is still huge it seems, however I am liking the idea that instead of printing on fabric, designers are creating the prints by stitching fabrics together. Time consuming is one way to look at it, on the other hand luxury, quality, a piece of art and having something unique and worth investing in is what appeals to me !
I am hoping to catch up with the Paris shows soon, and show you my birthday gifts, I was definitely spoiled this year πŸ™‚
Check out a video from on the Fendi show.

That’s all for now !
Love Dani xx

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