Everyone is wearing: Leather Dungarees

Paris Fashion Week Tommy Ton
Angela Fink from The Fashion Sight in ZARA Dungarees

LAURA DITTRICH in ZARA Dungarees from Fashion Landscape

Leandra Medine in 3.1 Phillip Lim from The Man Repeller

3.1 Phillip Lim Dungarees
Fashion Flashback Cher in the 1980s
Marjolein Lagerwerf from Never Too Polished in ZARA

LAURA DITTRICH in ZARA Dungarees from Fashion Landscape

Miroslava Duma

Everyone is wearing leather dungarees right now ! Perhaps it’s because ZARA did their own version of the 3.1 Phillip Lim Dungarees, and as we know, when ZARA does it, it must be popular ! I am sick of seeing THAT asymmetrical cut skirt, in black or white, that has been doing the rounds on lookbook and has been reproduced by websites, like Choies and ROMWE. That skirt and black and white stripe shirts, were the uniform of bloggers this season. Both of which completely put me off both trends.
Although ZARA had these dungarees in store for the Spring/Summer 13, I think we may be seeing more bloggers following the trend for Fall/Winter 13. This alternative take on a city farmer will be part of the blogger wardrobe in the upcoming season. So if you’re a fan… BEWARE, wear yours now before the lookbookers get their claws in !

What’s your take on leather dungarees ? Would you wear them or how would you style them ?

For your own pair check out these links: Nasty Gal or a good denim version at ASOS

That’s all for now,
Love Dani xx

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