Outfit Post: Small Town Life

“A true journey consists not of finding new places but of having new eyes”

The Wizard of Oz store, aptly named for all the treasures it holds inside

Sometimes things can get so manaic, living in a city like Rome. So it’s always great to get away to the countryside and see something other than stampedes of tourists and escape from the nightmare that is finding parking.
These photos were taken a few weeks back, when I went with Lorenzo to visit Orvieto. It was orignally a work related trip for him, but we decide to make it into a day trip, enjoying a long afternoon lunch and exploring this little Italian town. It’s pride is the overwhelming Duomo that is equally as beautiful inside as it is outside. So charming was the town, I grabbed the opportuntiy to take some pictures for the blog.
I am wearing a Sports Girl Knit, which I love the colour of with a neon necklace from H&M. Then my trusty jeans with rolled up end, to show off my snake printed, multi-coloured boots.

I hope you enjoy them !!

That’s all for now,
Love Dani xx

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