Links a la Mode: May 9th

Hi everyone !

Check out this weeks Links a la Mode ! Hunting in Heels was chosen as one of the best posts for my piece on Designer Uniforms !
I am really happy, as I always check out the post selected here every week. It is a great place to make blogging friends and find some great new blogs. Another reason is because it really encourages the idea of writing, rather than just posting looks, where even some of the biggest bloggers fail. I know I prefer having something witty to read along with great pictures !
Anyways check out the others who were selected below, and if your a blogger join up to IFB now !!


Gift of Glamour

With all the dazzle of this week’s Met Gala and the upcoming excitement of the Great Gatsby, this summer is going to be all about glam. Between dressing up, dazzling flapper beading, maxi dresses, it’s a sure hit to doll it up during the most casual of months. This week’s roundup has just about everything you need to know about looking fabulous, how to find the best deals in most unexpected places and how to shop on the go (without even going into a store.) That’s just what we need to get some more outdoor time.

Links à la Mode: May 9th

That’s all for now,
Love Dani xx

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