Villa d’Este Tivoli

Here are some pictures of day spent at Tivoli, outside Rome. It was a grey cloudy day, but I was thankful to not have the sun burning down on me, as we strolled through the beautiful gardens of Villa d’Este.
There were no shortage of fountains, both inside and outside the Villa. Apparently it’s owner wanted his guests to hear running water constantly, for relaxation purposes. I initially thought that it would make you think of running to the bathroom all the time and with a place as big as this I hope you could find one in time !
It is such a magnificent place and would be ideal for a romantic photo shoot, featuring billowing gowns from Valentino and Alexander Mc Queen.
That day it was still quite warm, so I wore my tye dye short shorts from Topshop with a vibrant red top from Primark. I had my converse on for walking, the only sneakers I own !

That’s all for now,
I hope the first few weeks of October are treating you all well,
Love Dani x

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