The Wild Ones

After a long absence I am back blogging. I am finally back in Europe and after a few days in Rome, I am back on Irish soil for a short home visit.
Today’s post pays homage to two rock icons, Iggy Pop and rock offspring Daisy Lowe. I came across this photoshoot for the Eleven Paris Fall/Winter 2012 campaign on the Iggy Pop website.
Photographed by Mathieu Cesar it showcases a fashion icon of mine, Daisy Lowe and my boyfriend’s favourite artist, Iggy Pop. In a few short weeks we will be seeing the man himself in Verona. I am looking forward to the event and will take some inspiration from Miss Lowe for the concert. 
Until then, I hope you enjoy these images taken from Yen Magazine and Cargo Collective .
That’s all for now,
Love Dani xx

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