Freckles: The Human Print

Above photographs from Retro Caduff’s book “Freckles”

Freckles are finally being celebrated in Los Angeles based photographer, Retro Caduff’s new book, entitled “Freckles”. He says  “I’ve always liked freckles,” he says, “but working on shoots over the years, I noticed that they usually get covered with makeup or digitally removed in post-production. So I decided to celebrate the spots rather than erase them.”
I say yay for the freckles ! I love mine. When I think of freckles I think of summer, being young and Benetton ads.
What are you thoughts on freckles? Love them ? Hate them? Got them?

That’s all for now,
Love Dani xx

You can find the orignal article from The New York Times here

5 thoughts on “Freckles: The Human Print

  1. Serena says:

    I absolutely love freckles!
    I've sallow skin and absolutely none but It always used to drive me crazy when my friends covered theirs with makeup! they're a true sign of natural beauty!



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