It’s a Man’s World

Relationships can be tough on your individuality.When you become someones other half are you really aware of what you’re giving up or even gaining?
 First there are the couples dinners, then come the couples Christmas cards ( killing two birds with one stone and saving a tree somewhere I imagine, is the end goal) and before you know it you are “WEing” all over the place.
But what happens when your boyfriend’s style happens to worm it’s way into your wardrobe.

One of the big trends this season has been the masculine shirt. Bloggers the world over have been tirelessly crafting theirs from plastics, doilies and left over toilet paper roles in an effort to achieve this masculine look. Layer it under heavy cable knits with only your recently studded collar, DIY of course, in view.
I, being the trendiest sheep I know, have also jumped on the bandwagon. However my disaster of a collar made from tin foil left me with only, a sheer, black shirt with leather collar detail to play with.
Since it is winter over here (that being Australia), I have chosen to layer it with a mannish, grandad red knit I recently purchased for the chilly season. Add some distressed boyfriend jeans and chunky ankle boots and my look was complete.
I can’t help but read over the labels of this blog post; boyfriend, masculine, DIY, mannish, grandad?!
Have men’s wardrobes completely invaded our style? or have we just taken the best parts and made them better?
Let me know your thoughts?
Thanks for reading,
Love Dani xx

27 thoughts on “It’s a Man’s World

  1. Katie says:

    Love this, great look! The collar is so cute. You're making me miss Oz even if it is cold, it's meant to be summer here but still raining like crazy!


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