If I was a Rich Girl: Happy St Patricks Day

Happy St Patricks Day everyone ! Here is a quick post on all things green in a tribute to the Emerald Isle. I am obviously in Australia this year for Paddys day. Its been a while since I have actually had one in Ireland. So this is also a day that makes me a little homesick for Galway.
My best memories of St Patricks Day aren’t actually the 17th of March but the 18th. This is one of my best friends, Fiona’s, birthday and no matter how crazy the 17th was, we always made it out on the following night, looking better than the night before (even if we were the only ones around). I still don’t know how we managed to pull ourselves together for that, full make-up, hair and matching outfits (always unknowningly !). Perhaps it was our few drinks before that helped.
This year I will be celebrating in a local pub near my house with Lorenzo. My outfit is very event appropriate. But thats all I’ll say for now. I will post the pictures in a few days. Until then you can drool over these amazing green pieces from this season. My favourites are the Dolce&Gabbana bag and Mulberry bag ! WOW !
Thats all for now,
Let me know if you celebrated this Irish institution and how ?
Until next time,
Love Dani xx

4 thoughts on “If I was a Rich Girl: Happy St Patricks Day

  1. Katie says:

    Aw what a cute post! Hope you enjoy your St Paddys day, even if you are a bit far away from the real thing! I used to live in a city full of Irish people and it was such a big deal, this is the first year I've not been out in a long time! You guys definitely know how to party 🙂



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