Welcome to the darkside: Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton in Alexander McQueen 

Paris Hilton in Giorgio Armani for V Magazine
Paris Hilton in Louis Vuitton 

Paris Hilton in Versace, Azzedine Alaïa, and Alexander McQueen

Paris Hilton in Yohji Yamamoto, Heather Huey, Rick Owens, Calvin Klein, and Junya Watanabe        

                                                  All Photos Courtesy of V Magazine

Paris Hilton and fashion are not normally two words I like to have in the same sentence. She has never been my cup of tea. She wears far too much pink and that childlike voice she uses is more than a little annoying to say the least. However I have always been under the suspicion that there could be a very intelligent business woman hiding behind that pampered chihuahua.

V magazine’s latest ‘Transformation’ issue features Paris…well….transformed! Perhaps my suspicions were right, this is a whole new Paris.
The Heiress, who has made a lucrative career out of being a party going socialite, is photographed in a bondage style photoshoot by Daniele & Iango. Seen sporting a blunt new fringe and seductive dark eyes, Paris trades the glitter and hello kitty for a Jane Fonda-Barbarella meets japanese goth look.

I am a fan of the new Barbie gone bondage look and I can only hope she has ditched the big sunglasses and tiny skirts for good. Now entering her 30’s maybe this the beginning of the new adult Paris.
Now “thats hot !”

9 thoughts on “Welcome to the darkside: Paris Hilton

  1. victoria says:

    Awesome blog looking forward to more of it! And thanks for following mine as well! Thanks for the sweet comments! Can't wait for more…



  2. Dani says:

    @Victoria, thanks for your comments, looking forward to following you too. x

    @il etait une fois, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am now following your fabulous blog.x

    @Flaviana, thanks for the follow and comments.x

    @stitchednadorned, Far too much pink ! Thanks for commenting x

    @Lucia, I am glad you liked the pics. Love your 70s inspired blog. Can't wait to read more. x


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