Ubud – The Denim Jumpsuit





Here is the first glimpse of my trip to Ubud, Bali, last month. A short flight from Perth, Ubud is an exotic paradise that calls for feather light cottons and colourful prints. However with only 7kg hand luggage even the most experienced of packers may struggle. I like to choose items than can translate from day to night, like this denim jumpsuit from ZARA.

The easy to wear and casual nature of the denim make it an instant day time hit. Yet pair it with some colourful heels and a red lip and you are ready to go for a night on the tiles. I just love its versatility. It is so comfortable and light that it makes it perfect for those warmer temperatures too. The wide leg, culotte style trouser and circular zipper tag make for an on-trend nod to the 70’s fever we are currently experiencing in the fashion world.

The Importance of getting it right.





Being successful is about getting it right. The right amount of effort and the right amount of passion. To be honest I was going to post this last night. I had uploaded the images and I had begun to write the post, however I stopped. I was tired and it was late. Whatever way the evening went I ended up doing a million other things. So instead of posting a half-hearted post I decided to do it today. That’s is my current thought process recently. If you’re going to do it, do it right!

I think it is important to consider that if people are going to take the time to read your post, you should make it worth reading.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had lost interest in blogging, partly because of time constraints and partly because of lack of inspiration. Everyone has their 9-5, but I think if they really want to do something they find away. I have been very lazy. I think it happens to everyone, when life seems to just get in the way. I wasn’t feeling inspired by my surroundings. So I am trying to  change that mentality and try and get out and about in my own city. I find after a couple of years of living in a place you stop exploring it. In fact sometimes I look at other people’s instagram posts and think where is that? The truth is that it is right here in my backyard!

Motivation for this weekend…discover something new in your city!

Designer Blues at DIOR


It must be hard to be Maria Grazia Chiuri right now. Her blue inspired collection for DIOR has had some mixed reviews from the Fashion Elite Squad.

It wasn’t feminine enough, its runway was ageist and it was far too Italian Sportswear inspired!

It’s not easy to be a designer in these times. If you consider the female collections alone, you have got at least four to think about, five if you incude Couture. Fall, Pre-Fall, Spring and Resort. Talk about zapping our designers of inspiration. Not only that, if you are working for a big name label you have also got a brand heritage to contend with, while also trying satisfy your own creative genius. This is coupled with being Instagram cool and relevant, considering that when we actually get to wear the collection, it is no longer relevant.

See Now, Buy Now, also means that as soon as that first model steps on the runway it’s already out of fashion. The current “instant” culture we live in means we want it when we want it and we expect it to be NEW, NEW, NEW! I do believe that it is genuinely hard to create anything new, without it being completely outlandish.

So let’s get back to this collection. Here’s what I think (not that anyone necessarily cares).

Dior is renowned for its femininity and this collection has been accused of not being feminine enough. I don’t agree with this. I think that the idea of femininity has changed. Chiuri is speaking to a modern femininity, one of comfort and style. It’s an attempt at redefining femininity. We don’t need the colour pink, bows, hearts and sparkles to feel feminine. She has reclaimed the colour blue, which has always been associated with the masculine, doing a complete collection in navy blue, peppered with black and white.

I felt there was a strength to this collection that inspired me, yet a softness in the flowing hair, sheer fabrics and delicate jewellery. Chiuri attempted to be relevant and aims at dressing the modern woman. The smell of revolution fills the air, after the controversial election of Donald Trump as the American President and the modern beliefs his policies challenge. Here is Chiuri’s nod to the “relevant”. The soon to sell-out black beret may have seemed a little over the top, but you know you have already mentally styled it!

She may not have pleased her fashion critics, but I think she will have gained a few (1,000) new followers for the DIOR squad.

So what’s next?



The hardest part of getting married is not picking your dress, the venue or even the groom, it’s dressing four (or 10) of your closet female companions….aka THE BRIDESMAIDS.

Most bridesmaids are dressed exactly the same. My previous reasoning for this was because of jealous Brides who finally had their moment in the spotlight and did not want to be upstaged. However since becoming that Bride, I have changed my opinion. I think it’s because it’s just easier!

I have four gorgeous women who will be my bridesmaids. They all have a unique style which I admire and I want them to shine on the day. I really don’t want four carbon copy, stepford-wives/robot women, with overdone make-up and prom-like up-dos. It’s not because I am a people pleaser (which I am guilty of). It’s just that I know I would hate to wear the same dress as anyone else and I honestly don’t believe four different women can all look good in the same dress.

So what’s the answer? Mismatched dresses!

It is a lot easier than it sounds. If done correctly it can look fantastic. If not, they could end up looking like wedding guests.

There are two rules:

Pick a dress length (long, short, midi)
Pick a colour palette
I think the second rule is the hardest and the one I find the most difficult to explain.

You don’t need to pick one colour. Picking one particular colour is a nightmare, as all colours are different when it comes to different fabrics and different labels. You need to pick a range of colours that work well together.

It is important that you do all different shades or two and two of the same shade (in my case four bridesmaids).

I promised myself I wouldn’t be one of those Bridezilla brides, who are overbearing and demanding. I actually want my Bridesmaids to look and feel good.

They say you can’t please everyone….well I am sure as hell going to try and please four people!

Wish me luck!

A new start – another one







There is always time to start over…right?

In the last year I have found myself less and less motivated to write on this blog. I have an archive of photos built up of potential outfit posts, but I never know what to write. One of my favourite things used to be to write. Writing was something I considered myself to be good at. But somehow along the way you start to be influenced by what everyone else is doing. I forgot about the importance of the writing and I think I started to compare myself too much to other bloggers. I started feeling disillusioned. I was thinking “who is reading this anyways?”

I think what it really comes down to is why are you doing it? Is it to be the next big thing? Everybody wants to be a blogger. A quick road to success (which I don’t think is quick at all, I admire all those women who spend long days and nights putting their soul into their blog). Ultimately I think it comes down to not losing your individuality. How can my blog be better than hers? It’s not by copying their style or photos, I think its by offering a piece of you. An honesty that people can relate to.

I am ready for a new start in many aspects of my life. This year I will be getting married and I also have some other projects in the pipeline. I remember a time when I was excited and adventurous. I feel that along the way the world starts to wear you down and you forget why your doing what your doing. Your goals change, which is normal, but now they are weighed down by other things that you thought you wanted, but maybe it’s what you thought you should want. And your future just seems to be a little blah. You remember all the dreams you had and the person you were or wanted to be. I think I would be a bit of a let down to my 18 year old self.

So it’s time….to turn it around.

No more fear.