Fashion Video of the week: Philip Treacy: The Mad Hatter

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This week’s fashion video is dedicated to the Irish Milliner Philip Treacy, who is the go-to-designer for fashion forward head gear for both designers and trendsetters alike. Treacy has created hats for Lady Gaga, SJP and to accompany the designs of Alexander McQueen, for numerous runway shows.

Treacy grew up not far from my own hometown in Ireland and is a prime example of the creative talent that Ireland is filled with.

Outfit Post: Sports Luxe

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A day out at the Perth tennis final of the Hopman Cup, had me inspired! The sports luxe trend has been big for the past few seasons, a look pioneered by Alexander Wang, who is now exploring it further, with his role at Balenciaga.

No longer limited to the sports arena, the track pant has morphed into a symbol of easy elegance and carefree class. Fabrics are stretchy and breathable, while colours are Hi-Vis in shiny textures.

For this particular look I went for the textured top with slouchy track pants, keeping the palette monochrome. The shoes are the only burst of colour, with their neon tones paying homage to the fashion forward trainers by the big name sports brands.

Monday Must Haves: CUE Cotton Cropped Jacket AW15


All images taken from the CUE website.

There is nothing like wearing white in Winter. This cropped jacket from CUE’s AW15 collection ticks all the boxes for chic, trendy Winter wear. The perfect cover up for that first Autumn chill. A little Chanel-eque in its boxy structure and elegant details, I would flaunt this number with my favourite LBD and thick opaques or with some sleek leather trousers and a black roll neck sweater.

Spring Couture 2015: Chanel

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Karl Lagerfeld’s Spring 2015 Haute Couture collection for Chanel was an explosion of blossoming flowers, bunched in wedding-worth bouquets at the shoulders and delicately gracing hems of mid-length evening wear.

It took six months to make the 300 flowers that decorated the Chanel set today. Each of them had its own engine, and when at the show’s start Baptiste Giabiconi applied a theatrical splash from a CC-branded watering can and they simultaneously burst into mechanical bloom.

Possibly a commentary on a technological and synthetic future that awaits us, each flower was flawless and meticulously sown by hand on to each garment. Karl’s ability to set trends and yet retain the classic aesthetic of Gabrielle Chanel grows with each collection, as we are swept into Karl’s world. There is always a story to be told and an underlying comment to be made when considering the world of today.


Outfit Post: Summer Stripes and a Touch of Pink.







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After a long break away from the blogging sphere, I am back with my first post of 2015, from Perth, WA. Various factors have lead to us being back in the West, but so far so good! I am back working for my favourite Australian brand CUE, so you can look forward to some CUE looks in the upcoming outfit posts.

This look was shot on a visit to Penguin Island, a beautiful backdrop that shows just a little of what WA has to offer. I am looking forward to our new future here, but I am still missing the people and adventures that we had in the wonderful Cairns.

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