Shoesday Tuesday: Sigerson Mod Booties

smnina-remle-pa266-angled-outside-fsm-websmnina-remle-pa266-back-fsm-websmnina-remle-pa266-side-fsm-websmnina-remle-pa266-top-fsm-webBUY THEM HERE

If you follow me on Instagram (@huntinginheels) you will have already seen these pointed toe wonders on my feed. I regrammed them from one of my favourite fashion sites; We Wore What. This is what I would categorize as the perfect boot. Crafted from supple leather, with a sensible heel and some western attitude. I like my boots a little bit mod and ankle grazing. So they either have to be a little bit cowboy or a little bit sixties, but if they are a subtle mix of the two I am in booty heaven, à la this pair from Sigerson, called the NINA. They also come in black and a charcol grey, but I have my eye on this racy red pair!

Monday Must Haves: Fendi Fringed Baguette



I must admit that this “Monday Must Haves” post should also come with a side note; must win lottery to afford products advertised! Well a girl can dream….can’t she?

My eyes and heart have been drawn to all things tactile over the past couple of seasons. It is not enough to be satisfied by the visual, but there is also the need to interact with the clothing. Fringe, fur (preferably faux), lace, beading, supple leathers and foamy neoprene, there are so many fabrics to choose from with technology continuing to develop them further. These developments have been so successful that designers are now using light weight knits and leather in their Summer collections!

This Fendi fringe masterpiece is an example of how I like my fashion right now. A little bit quirky and that screams “reach out and touch me!”

Outfit Post: Barbie Girl








“Come on Barbie, let’s go party!…..Ah-ah-ah-yeah!” That is how I feel in this feminine pink and fluffy, Barbie inspired look. A symbol of my childhood and my first attempts at styling, Barbie tends to creep in when I am channeling an all girly vibe. The only girl who can pull off pink on pink, I think she would approve of this look!

I don’t own many skirts and the ones I do own are straight or a-line. It took me a while to broach the flippy skirt and I finally caved when I saw this one on sale at ZARA. Not having to invest too much into the trend, I thought I would give it ago. I’ll admit the colour sold me on it, however I had planned on pairing it with a tougher fabric like leather or even adding a masculine shirt to avoid it looking too girly . Well as you can see I did a complete u-turn and paired it with the girliest white fluffy top possible! As I said, Barbie was the inspiration, as it was for Jeremy Scott at Moschino Spring 2015 show.

I think the appeal of Barbie is not just her effortless femininity, unachievable figure or can do attitude, but the fun factor of the clothing. I always had so much fun dressing up my favourite Barbie and there was never a question of being overdressed. So I guess that’s why this outfit appeals to me too. It is fun and flirty and it makes me a feel just a little bit more sparkly!

Shoesday Tuesday: Bottega Veneta Ankle Boots


This Shoesday Tuesday I give you a killer ankle boot from Bottega Veneta. These snake, patent-leather and suede ankle boots have a seductive 4.5 inch heel and a “don’t mess with me” pointy toe. Available from Net-A-Porter, they are the perfect way to sex-up your favourite Winter dress or they are effortlessly cool with some skinny jeans and a leather jacket.

Monday Must Haves: The Sleeveless Coat



The sleeveless coat has been around for a couple of seasons but this Winter it is a little more luxurious with opulent finishes. This forrest green coat is by Nineminutes and is available on FARFETCH. A sumputous wool blend, it has a plush black, faux fur border sending the glamometer into overdrive.

This piece can be layered over a leather jacket when the temperatures plummet into the negative numbers or it can be paired with a light knit for the unpredicable weather of Spring.

Fashion Video Of The Week: Charlotte Olympia Made In Italy

An interesting video from Charlotte Olympia which sees the handmade and the artisan glorified in the face of the fast fashion industry, that we currently live in. I believe in building a collection of beautiful pieces that will last forever. However I am definitely guilty of a wandering eye and the temptations of the high street copies. My new rule is that I must really love it and if I am still thinking about it over the next few days, then I really want it. It is important to choose pieces that work with your personal style and shape rather than going for the passing trends that can be so fickle. So pick colours that suit you and avoid too much print, unless of course you love the print so much so that it won’t end up becoming another fad, stuck in a fashion time warp.

Friday Favourites: Gucci Fall/Winter 2014

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If someone asked me to pick one collection from this season and they told me that I could only wear those pieces I would have previously considered this a hard decision. Not because I wouldn’t love to have a complete designer wardrobe, but because rarely does a collection have me wanting every item. I usually pick and choose my wish list based on my own personal style and what I would really wear. Sure I can acknowledge and appreciate a good trend when I see one, but would I actually wear it?

However there is one collection from this season that has changed all that, Gucci Fall/Winter 2014.

This collection is one of my all time favourites. It has every element that I try to add to my own personal style. I am currently into pastels, (so this too may be a passing trend) but my love of the 1960’s style has always been paramount. So of course Gucci’s a-line shift dresses with peter pan collars immediately appealed to me and my small frame. The dresses crafted from soft leathers had me swooning, along with those Chelsea knee-boots in snake skins and pony-haired leopard topped off with the iconic Gucci horsebit detail . The big shaggy jackets had me feeling chilly in the feverish temperatures of tropical Queensland, especially when paired with those ankle grazing cigarette trousers.

Frida Giannini (one of my favourite Romans) has really out done herself with this collection. She has artfully taken the essence of Gucci, which is glamour and sexiness, and has managed to inject that into a 1960’s silhouette, which is usually associated with a boyish aesthetic. There was a simplicity about this collection, which is not the norm for Gucci. Less is more, seemed to be the motto, however the Gucci woman was not lost and was as enigmatic as always, just without the sequins this time!